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Diamond Bourse

Diamond Bourse
Antwerp is housing, for already 500 years, a flourishing diamond trade and industry. Today, this city has become world's most important diamond centre, covering almost 60% of the diamond activity throughout the globe.

The Antwerp diamond centre is located near the Central railroad station, where thousands of diamond merchants are dealing both rough and polished goods worth billions of dollars. Their activity is based on a tradition and rules which last for already five centuries, giving them the opportunity to put their unparalleled professional expertise at the disposal of clients and visitors coming from all parts of the world.

Furthermore, the 1500 diamond firms as well as the 250 diamond cutting plants located in the area, are the trumps of the unique diamond infrastructure of Antwerp. And the renowned skill and indisputable craftsmanship of the Antwerp polishers is a worldwide synonym for top quality and perfection. All trading activities are regulated by approved professional organisations, the Diamond Bourse being the principal international meeting place where its 1500 members, belonging to 20 nationalities, are so many guarantors for ethics, morality and trustiness.

The Diamond Bourse of Antwerp is the central meeting point for all those who are involved in the diamond business. Founded in 1904, the institution has over two thousand members whose activities range from dealers and manufacturers to brokers, from all corners of the world.

Members must comply with a strict code of conduct, regulated by the bourse's rules and byelaws. This ensures the highest standards of professionalism and ethics and offers to the buyers and visitors the guarantee that the business will be conducted with correctness and integrity.

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Diamond Bourse of Antwerp
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